Schematics, BoardView and BIOS for your electronic devices.

Instant delivery to e-mail immediately after payment. 100% virus-free guarantee, unlike free resources and resources with a cheap subscription.


Solutions to disable onboard RAM and discrete graphics cards (GPU).

A large number of exclusive solutions for many different PCBs. Identification of burnt and missing components. We will inform you about the availability, details and cost after the request.


Devices for programming EC controllers and data recovery.

EC programming: ENE, ITE, MEC, Novomor and others. Complexes for data recovery from HDD and SSD.

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We invite you to cooperate if you are the owner of rare and exclusive electrical circuits and BoardView for laptops, tablets, various PCs and graphics cards.

Cooperation options:

1. We can buy your wiring diagrams and BoardView

2. You can sell your products in our store

3. Exchange


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