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Identification of burnt and missing components

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Service for identification of burnt and missing electronic components on the motherboard.

If you want to use this service, then you need to fill out and send the 'Contact Us' form.

In the "Message text" field, be sure to indicate the laptop model, the name of the motherboard, its revision and the position number of the component to be identified

It is also necessary to attach photos with a burned or missing electronic component in good quality.

If the required component does not have a position number on the motherboard, then attach more photos where there are components next to the required component that can be identified by marking on the case or through the position number on the board.

Attach the photos to the fields 'Attach the file:'

Payment only after a positive response from us to your e-mail !!!

You can also ask any questions via the 'Contact Us' form.

Added by: Dr-laptop, Monday, 05.09.2022