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Selection of similar schematics for Laptops, Desktops and All-in-One PCs

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Service selection of electrical circuit in PDF format for the required components

This service is used when the original electrical circuit diagram is not available.

For successful selection, you must specify the model of the printed circuit board (PCB) for which you need an electrical circuit.

The PCB model is usually indicated as a white marking on the board itself. Markings may be under stickers.

Examples of marking printed circuit boards for laptops:

1. NM-C101 ; LA-L131P

2. SOUTH PEAK 15 MLK MB DDR4 203102-1



5. NB2500_PCB_MB ; NB2665_PCB_MB_V3

We recommend attaching photos of the printed circuit board from both sides in good quality.

Send all this data for the selection of an electrical circuit through the form <Schematic / BoardView request>

In the field < Message text: > specify the chips that must necessarily be in the electrical circuit diagram.

After sending a request for the selection of an electrical circuit, please wait for an answer by e-mail. The selection process can take several hours.

As a result of the selection, you will receive the name of one circuit or a list of electrical circuits that can help you solve your case.

The cost of electrical circuit diagrams is not included in the cost of our service !



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